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David Gromov

FULL AVS Video Editor Patch (menin)

The underlying assumption of the system is that the resource already exists, and the data for the patch is written into its definition. The API will ensure that that single object exists and has the correct data.

FULL AVS Video Editor Patch (menin)


The kubectl apply and edit subcommands have an option to specify how to compute a diff between the object they are trying to update and the object that should be used for comparison (more on that later). The diff they compute is a collection of delta patches, in other words each delta patch is an ordered list of changes that you want to make to the current resource.

This update fails because step 1 is not idempotent. By modifying the resource before the user has marked it as ready, the server will reject the update. If the server receives a second attempt to modify the configmap, it will reject that with an error because its previous version of the configmap has not been removed. The PATCH can only succeed if the user has not yet altered the resource.

{"apiVersion":"core/v1","kind":"ConfigMap","metadata": "labels":"","name":"configmap","namespace":"","uid":"..." "data": "value-1":true,"value-2":... FULL AVS Video Editor Patch (menin) The server returns a response that indicates that the response body is a list of patches, and the server has applied all the changes. For every change requested in the PATCH document, the server modifies the corresponding entity and returns a response that includes a description of the change, and the entity state with the change applied.


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