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Download El Camino College Eops Program Free

As part of our Enrollment Management Plan, ECC Compton Center hosted a Senior Day on April 27 for graduating seniors from Compton and Lynwood High Schools. The purpose of Senior Day is to showcase all that ECC Compton Center has to offer and provide another opportunity to help high school seniors successfully navigate college enrollment. The event featured a student support and resource fair, opportunity drawings, free lunch and campus tours. Students were able to complete the steps to enroll during the event, as well as learn about financial aid, degree and certificate options, and transfer and career services available. Senior Day is another outreach strategy that ECC Compton Center has established to increase enrollment rates from local feeder high schools.

Download El Camino College Eops Program free

Bri currently serves as Cuyamaca College's chief institutional effectiveness officer and Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO). She has over a decade of experience working as an institutional research, planning, and effectiveness professional in a community college setting. In her current role, Bri works closely with faculty coordinators to provide training and develop resources for campus faculty, staff, and administrators in system design and evaluation, data interpretation, assessment, planning, and program review. Bri oversees an office that includes the campus assessment/accountability management system coordinator, campus-based institutional research staff, various faculty coordinators, and the College's equity dean. Bri also serves on the RP Group Board as the Vice President of Membership and Professional Development. She has served as an ALO since 2016 and, with a faculty co-chair, led Cuyamaca College's institutional self-evaluation efforts in support of accreditation reaffirmation in Fall 2019. This is Bri's second time serving on a peer review team.

Jean currently serves as the Vice President for Academic Affairs at El Camino College. Her professional experience includes a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from New Mexico State University and 20 years of community college teaching experience. Jean previously taught chemistry at El Camino College and served as the Dean of Natural Science at El Camino College for seven years. In addition, Jean has served as the Director of the Honors Transfer Program, on the Academic Senate and El Camino College Senate Executive Board, and as a National Science Foundation Title III STEM grant administrator. She also recently participated in a one-year Digital Fellow program sponsored by the Association of Chief Academic Officers. Jean has previously served as the El Camino College Accreditation Co-Chair for its institutional self-evaluation report and currently serves as the Accreditation Liaison Officer for El Camino College. This is Jean's third time serving on an accreditation peer review team.

Leticia has over 20 years of experience in community colleges, including a teaching career that spans a variety of faculty roles and disciplines, including basic skills, political science, and career education, credit and non-credit courses, and program development, curriculum development, and workforce partnerships. Leticia has previously served as a department Student Learning Outcomes lead and has served as both a dean and vice president. In addition, Leticia has served on accreditation self-evaluation teams at four different colleges and served as the ALO for Los Angeles Trade Tech College from 2013 to 2017.

Aaron currently serves as the Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Planning at San Mateo Community College District. His responsibilities include the development and implementation of the district-wide strategic plan, overseeing academic affairs and student support services across the District, innovation and resource development efforts, and policy and administrative procedure development and review. Aaron has previously served as the Interim Vice President for Instruction at Skyline College and Dean of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness at Skyline College. In this prior role, his responsibilities included all levels of college planning, from program review to educational master planning. In addition, Aaron has experience with development, implementation and assessment of SLOs and has taught psychology courses both online and in-person at two California community colleges.

All coursework completed at San Diego City, Mesa, or Miramar College is included on one transcript. There is no need to request a transcript from each (City, Mesa, Miramar) college. The first two transcripts issued are free of charge. Thereafter, transcripts cost $5.00 each. Transcripts are not printed at the campus level. You cannot pick up official transcripts from Miramar College. 350c69d7ab


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