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Last Men In Aleppo

The movie allows that Aleppo, at least as of last year, had it better than some outposts of resistance. Food was available, although medicine less so. During the lulls in bombing, excursions to the playground were possible, and street merchants sold goldfish.

Last Men in Aleppo

Firas Fayyad's Last Men in Aleppo covers much of the same ground as last year's Oscar-winning documentary short, The White Helmets, but it does so with even greater detail and cinematic craft. While I was nervous that this would be simply a feature-length retread of last year's territory, I was pleased to find that this film still felt entirely worthwhile and valuable.

What makes it so distressingly poignant is that, after a while, watching the constant waves of meaningless destruction, bombs blasting, and bodies being dragged starts to feel commonplace, as it is for the men who sadly do this day in and day out. The only difference on the days the doc was shot was the presence of the cameras. 041b061a72


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