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All about my crypto

A Fools Journey

A new cycle started in 2008, where ideas of wealth building met the crypto currency paradigm. People who believed in the promise of block chain creating transparency, privacy and decentralization began to invest into Bitcoin. Crypto Currency enthusiast, looked forward to the blockchain technology being the catalyst for disrupting traditional financial markets, while transforming other forms of governance in the coming new age. A Pioneer (The Fool) new in the crypto space is seen as taking foolish risks, causing cognitive dissonance within the masses as he takes a leap of faith into the crypto space.

The Fool now operating from the energy of Alchemy, having experienced, learned, and accomplished everything he was tasked with in the legacy monetary system, now realizes the journey has just begun into the Crypto currency space. As the Alchemist he wonders what’s next, he understands that his own power, and understanding cannot help him further. Divine source has brought him this far, he knows he can trust it, to ascend on his new journey and spiritual path.

As the Fool surrenders tools of accumulated experience and knowledge, he begins to align with spiritual tools of intuition. Following his heart, he unites with the collective, understanding the collective utilizes the same tools of insight to create the future. The Fool reflecting on his past travels and ordeals, is filled with a sense of joyful anticipation.........

Crypto currency is likened to a higher energy form of currency it is the Gold of Spiritual Alchemy. As Alchemist embrace the blockchain and the crypto currency promise, Cryptocurrency can become the vehicle of truth, transparency and true freedom as humanity takes its ascent into the Aquarian age.


If this resonates with you and your ready to co-create with the collective - Come join the Fool and us here at ALL ABOUT MY CRYPTO (AAMC) as we demystify the crypto space one arcana at a time. Adventurous times are at hand…

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