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When will the Member Services be available?

Be sure to Link With Us to receive important information and updates (i.e. Member Services updates)

Can I exchange or get a refund on the Shop merchandise?

All purchases are final.

When does All About my Crypto meet?

All About My Crypto does not meet.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

The site if free to visit.  To take a advantage of the Member Services Benefits, purchase is necessary. 

Please see: When will the Member Services be available?

What value does AAMC’s on-boarding decentralized digital technology education platform offer? 

Our platform offers a unique approach to learning about decentralized technology through a digital audio/visual experience. We believe this is the most effective way to learn about this emerging technology. The module is divided into several modules, each covering different aspects of decentralized technology. 

What are subjects does AAMC’s modules cover? 

Each module consists of a digital audio/visual presentation, interactive exercises, and quizzes to reinforce your learning. You can take the module at your own pace, and you'll have access to the module material for one year. 


AAMC’s Link one contains six modules that include: 

Blockchain technology 


Smart contracts 

Distributed ledger technology 

Decentralized applications 

Cybersecurity in decentralized technologies 


AAMC’s Links two – seven modules include: 

Link -2 How to create a digital wallet and navigate cryptographic digital exchanges. 

Link-3 AAMC members cryptographic assets/ list 

Link-4 Technical analysis 

Link-5 How to research cryptographic projects. 

Link-6 Exit and assets distribution strategies. 

Link-7 Crypto tax for individuals and sole proprietors  

Does  AAMC’s  modules provide financial advice? 

No. However, our modules do provide a prolific amount of information that will allow you to decide for yourself which strategies and supports you want to employ.   

Is it necessary to have prior knowledge of blockchain/digital technology? 

No, it is not necessary to have prior knowledge of blockchain/digital technology to use a decentralized technology education platform. AAMC's On-boarding education modules are designed to cater to learners with varying levels of knowledge, from beginners to advanced learners. 

How can I contact support if I encounter any issues on AAMC’s decentralized technology education platform? 

If you encounter any issues on AAMC’s decentralized technology education platform, you can contact support via email.  Support staff will assist you with any issues you may encounter within 24 hours. 

How Do I Start My Modules?

After purchasing a plan, click “My Programs” from the drop-down menu of your profile name at the top of the screen. Next, under the “Active” tab in the middle of the screen click “View Our Programs”. Then you will see a list of our programs. Select the program you purchased, and click on “Join” under the proper program option. Then click “Join” again if you are prompted which may happen twice. After that, you will be enrolled in the selected module and it will be saved under your programs.

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