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The Lost Symbol Audiobook: A Thrilling Adventure with Robert Langdon

The Lost Symbol Audio Book Free Download Mp3 69

If you are a fan of mystery, thriller, and adventure novels, you have probably heard of Dan Brown's best-selling book The Lost Symbol. It is the third installment in the Robert Langdon series, following The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. In this book, Langdon, a Harvard symbologist, is summoned to Washington D.C. by his mentor Peter Solomon, who is also a prominent Mason. However, he soon discovers that Solomon has been kidnapped by a mysterious enemy who demands that Langdon unlock the secrets of the ancient Masonic symbols hidden in the city. Langdon embarks on a perilous quest that takes him through hidden chambers, secret tunnels, and esoteric rituals, while being pursued by the CIA, the FBI, and a ruthless assassin.

The Lost Symbol Audio Book Free Download Mp3 69

If this sounds exciting to you, you might want to listen to The Lost Symbol as an audio book. Audio books are a great way to enjoy literature without having to read the text. You can listen to them while driving, working, exercising, or relaxing. You can also experience the story in a different way, as the narrator brings the characters and scenes to life with their voice. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about The Lost Symbol audio book, including its plot, author, narrator, benefits, and best ways to get it for free. Let's get started!

The Plot of The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol is a fast-paced and thrilling novel that blends history, science, religion, and art. It explores themes such as conspiracy theories, secret societies, cryptography, alchemy, mysticism, and human potential. It also features many real-life locations and landmarks in Washington D.C., such as the Capitol Building, the Smithsonian Institution, the Washington Monument, the National Cathedral, and the Library of Congress.

The novel begins with Robert Langdon receiving a phone call from Peter Solomon's assistant, who asks him to deliver a lecture at the Capitol Building. Langdon agrees and flies to D.C., only to find out that the assistant is actually Mal'akh, a tattooed villain who has kidnapped Solomon and cut off his hand. Mal'akh tells Langdon that he must find the Masonic Pyramid and its missing capstone, which contain a powerful secret that can transform the world. He also threatens to kill Solomon if Langdon fails or contacts the authorities.

Langdon teams up with Solomon's sister, Katherine, a scientist who studies noetic science, the study of the human mind and its effects on the physical world. They follow clues and symbols left by the Founding Fathers, who were also Masons, and try to decipher the meaning of the Masonic Pyramid and its capstone. Along the way, they encounter obstacles and enemies, such as Inoue Sato, the director of the CIA's Office of Security, who suspects Langdon of being involved in Solomon's kidnapping, and Zachary Solomon, Peter's estranged son, who is also a Mason and has a personal vendetta against his father.

The novel culminates in a shocking revelation that challenges Langdon's beliefs and tests his faith. It also reveals the true identity and motive of Mal'akh, and the fate of Peter Solomon. The Lost Symbol is a gripping and suspenseful novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

The Author of The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown is one of the most popular and successful authors of our time. He has written seven novels, five of which feature Robert Langdon as the protagonist. His books have sold over 200 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 57 languages. He has also won numerous awards and honors, such as the British Book Award, the Book Sense Book of the Year Award, and the Premio Bancarella.

Brown was born on June 22, 1964, in Exeter, New Hampshire. He grew up in a family of academics and musicians. His father was a mathematics teacher and his mother was a church organist. He attended Phillips Exeter Academy, where he developed an interest in puzzles, codes, and ciphers. He later graduated from Amherst College with a degree in English and Spanish. He also studied art history in Seville, Spain.

Before becoming a full-time writer, Brown worked as a teacher, a musician, and a songwriter. He published his first novel, Digital Fortress, in 1998, followed by Angels & Demons in 2000 and Deception Point in 2001. However, he achieved worldwide fame and success with his fourth novel, The Da Vinci Code, which was published in 2003. The novel sparked controversy and debate for its portrayal of Christianity and its historical claims. It also became one of the best-selling books of all time and was adapted into a blockbuster movie starring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon.

Brown continued to write more novels featuring Langdon, such as The Lost Symbol (2009), Inferno (2013), and Origin (2017). He also wrote a children's book called Wild Symphony (2020), which is accompanied by a musical album composed by Brown himself. Brown is currently working on his eighth novel, which is expected to be released soon.

The Narrator of The Lost Symbol

The narrator of The Lost Symbol audio book is Paul Michael, an award-winning voice actor who has narrated over 800 audio books in various genres. He has also appeared in many films, television shows, and stage productions.

Michael was born on June 15, 1947, in Wales. He studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career. He has worked with many famous actors and directors, such as Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, and Meryl Streep.

Michael is best known for his narration of Dan Brown's novels, including The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, Inferno, and Origin. He has also narrated other popular books, such as The Bourne Identity, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Pillars of the Earth, and A Game of Thrones. He has won several awards for his narration skills, such as the Audie Award, the AudioFile Earphones Award, and the Publishers Weekly Listen-Up Award.

The Benefits of Listening to Audio Books

Audio books are not only entertaining, but also beneficial for your brain and well-being. Here are some of the advantages of listening to audio books:

  • They improve your listening skills. Listening to audio books can help you develop your ability to focus, comprehend, and retain information. You can also learn new vocabulary, pronunciation, and intonation.

  • They enhance your imagination. Listening to audio books can stimulate your creativity and imagination. You can visualize the scenes and characters in your mind and create your own mental images.

  • They reduce stress and anxiety. Listening to audio books can help you relax and calm your mind. You can choose audio books that suit your mood and interest, and escape from the worries and troubles of reality.

  • They increase your knowledge and curiosity. Listening to audio books can expose you to new ideas and perspectives. You can learn about different topics, cultures, and histories, and satisfy your curiosity.

  • They make reading more accessible and enjoyable. Listening to audio books can make reading more convenient and fun. You can listen to them anytime and anywhere, without having to carry a physical book or strain your eyes. You can also enjoy the performance of the narrator and the sound effects of the audio book.

As you can see, audio books have many benefits that can enrich your life and mind. If you haven't tried listening to audio books yet, you should give it a try. You might discover a new way of enjoying literature.

The Best Ways to Listen to Audio Books

Now that you know the benefits of listening to audio books, you might be wondering how to get them and listen to them. There are many ways to access and play audio books on different devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, or speakers. Here are some of the best ways to listen to audio books:


Audible is one of the most popular and reliable platforms for audio books. It is owned by Amazon and has a huge collection of over 200,000 titles in various genres and languages. You can browse, buy, and download audio books from Audible's website or app.

Audible offers a free trial for new users, which allows you to get two free audio books of your choice. After the trial, you can subscribe to Audible's membership plans, which start from $14.95 per month. As a member, you can get one credit per month, which you can use to get any audio book regardless of its price. You can also get discounts on other audio books and access exclusive content and features.

Audible's audio books are compatible with most devices and platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Kindle, Alexa, Sonos, and more. You can also sync your audio books across different devices and resume listening from where you left off. You can also adjust the playback speed, set a sleep timer, or use the car mode for a better listening experience.


LibriVox is a non-profit organization that provides free public domain audio books recorded by volunteers. It has over 15,000 titles in various languages and genres, mostly classics and historical works. You can browse, stream, or download audio books from LibriVox's website or app.

LibriVox's audio books are free for anyone to listen to or use for any purpose. You can also contribute to LibriVox by recording or proof-listening audio books yourself. You can join LibriVox's community of volunteers and share your passion for literature with others.

LibriVox's audio books are compatible with most devices and platforms that support mp3 files. You can also use third-party apps or software to play LibriVox's audio books on your device. However, since LibriVox's audio books are recorded by different volunteers with varying quality and style, you might encounter some inconsistency or errors in the narration.


Spotify is a well-known platform for music streaming, but it also has a growing collection of audio books in various genres and languages. You can find audio books on Spotify by searching for keywords or browsing through playlists curated by Spotify or other users.

Spotify offers a free account that allows you to stream audio books with ads on any device. You can also upgrade to Spotify Premium, which costs $9.99 per month, and get ad-free streaming, offline listening, and better sound quality. Spotify Premium also gives you access to podcasts, videos, and other exclusive content and features.

Spotify's audio books are compatible with most devices and platforms that support Spotify's app or web player, such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation, Xbox, Smart TV, and more. You can also connect your Spotify account to other devices or services, such as Alexa, Google Home, Sonos, Discord, and more. You can also control the playback speed, skip tracks, or shuffle play the audio books on Spotify.


YouTube is a popular platform for video sharing, but it also has a lot of audio books uploaded by various channels and users. You can find audio books on YouTube by searching for keywords or browsing through categories or playlists.

YouTube is free to use and accessible on any device that supports YouTube's app or web player, such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Smart TV, and more. You can also watch or listen to YouTube on other devices or services, such as Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Alexa, Google Home, and more. You can also adjust the playback speed, set a reminder, or use the captions feature on YouTube.

However, YouTube is not designed for audio books, so you might encounter some drawbacks or limitations. For example, you might not find the audio book you want or the quality might be poor. You might also have to deal with ads or interruptions in the middle of the audio book. You might also have to keep the screen on or use a third-party app to play YouTube in the background or offline.


Torrents are a way of downloading files from peer-to-peer networks. You can find and download audio books from torrent sites or clients by searching for keywords or browsing through categories. However, this method is illegal and risky.


We do not condone or encourage piracy in any way. Downloading audio books from torrents is a violation of the copyright laws and can result in legal action or fines. It can also expose your device to viruses or malware that can harm your data or privacy. We strongly advise you to avoid using torrents and instead use legal and safe ways to get audio books.


, YouTube, or torrents. However, you should be careful and responsible when choosing your source and respect the rights of the author and the narrator. We hope this article has helped you learn more about The Lost Symbol audio book and how to get it for free. Happy listening!


Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about The Lost Symbol audio book:

  • How long is The Lost Symbol audio book?

The Lost Symbol audio book is about 17 hours and 51 minutes long. It is divided into 28 chapters and an epilogue.

  • Who is the publisher of The Lost Symbol audio book?

The Lost Symbol audio book is published by Random House Audio, a division of Penguin Random House, the largest trade book publisher in the world.

  • Is The Lost Symbol audio book abridged or unabridged?

The Lost Symbol audio book is unabridged, which means it contains the full text of the original novel without any cuts or edits.

  • Is The Lost Symbol audio book available in other languages?

The Lost Symbol audio book is available in several languages, such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, and more.

  • Is The Lost Symbol audio book suitable for children?

The Lost Symbol audio book is not suitable for children under 13 years old. It contains violence, gore, profanity, and mature themes that might be disturbing or inappropriate for young listeners.



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