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Turtle Odyssey 2

Turtle Odyssey is a 2018 Australian documentary short about a sea turtle named Bunji.[1] The documentary was directed by Paul Phelan and Caspar Mazzotti and narrated by Russell Crowe.[2][3]

turtle odyssey 2

Turtle Odyssey 2 is an arcade adventure game that takes you on a journey filled with wonder and excitement. You will play Ozzy, an adorable and brave turtle who is searching for a mysterious and intriguing creature. Together, you will encounter a variety of different enemies and challenges while exploring enchanting environments.

Turtle Odyssey 2 is a side-scrolling game that is played through the third person perspective. You control the character of Ozzy the turtle with your mouse cursor and move him from one side of the screen to the other. You press the left mouse button to jump and you are able to kick objects at enemies with the right mouse button. Enemies can be defeated by jumping on them or by kicking various objects at them.

Take off in a magical atmosphere of underwater adventures with a brave and kind turtle, Ozzy. During and innocent game of catch, Ozzy accidentally smacks into a slab of ice, cracking it open and releasing a mysterious creature. Intrigued, he unknowingly sets off on the journey of a lifetime. Help Ozzy traverse the mission map and find out just what he set free in Turtle Odyssey 2!

I really enjoyed this game. The little turtle is cute. There were a couple of places that I had problems with getting some coins, but on cuteness alone I will buy this game. My daugter ,the worlds pickiest gaem player, she even liked it.

The game comes to life as Ozzy, a brave turtle, has been chosen to find thieves and bring back stolen talismans. To complete the mission you and Ozzy must overcome evil forces and collect all talismans.

Parents need to know that Turtle Odyssey, narrated by Russell Crowe, is a beautifully-shot documentary about "Bunji,"a female green sea turtle whose habitat is the Great Barrier Reef and whose travels take her hundreds of miles across the Pacific Ocean. Released originally in IMAX theaters, the 45-minute movie covers the first 25 years of Bunji's life. The turtle's story is simply told and filled with family-friendly facts, as well as positive messages about the importance and fragility of the ecosystem. Viewers can expect some mildly suspenseful scenes accompanied by dark or eerie music when Bunji is in danger; these sequences could frighten very young or very sensitive kids. However, there are no unpleasant visuals of predatory behavior.

Bunji, a green sea turtle, is one of more than a hundred hatchlings born to a mother turtle on a sandy Australian beach in TURTLE ODYSSEY. The last of the hatchlings to leave her birthplace, she makes a courageous run for the ocean, small, alone, and outmaneuvering predatory birds and ghost crabs to enter the water. It's there that this new life begins as Bunji instinctively finds food and makes her way through the coral reef. Over the following years, Bunji will journey far from her early home, a solo traveler who meets both friends and foes, and survives as an essential part of the biosphere. As the narrator (Russell Crowe) reminds, "If we lose the turtle, there's no earth, no us." After more than two decades, she returns to the reef from which she first emerged, finds a "suitable" mate, then a special place to burrow in the sand at the water's edge. Now, Bunji's maternal instincts take over, and new hatchlings begin their journey to the sea.

Amiable storytelling gives life to a green sea turtle, and provides a wonderful introduction to her species, ocean habitat, and the value of mindfulness regarding earth's vulnerable creatures. The photography is stunning, and the fact that the filmmakers have given their central creature-character a personality and gone on a decades-long adventure with "her" (it appears to be the same turtle throughout, though we know that's impossible ), is a rewarding way to deliver information to audiences (especially kids), and to inspire concern for survival of sea turtles, who in Turtle Odyssey represent all of nature.

Find out the meaning of the term "symbiotic relationship." Describe the symbiotic relationship between the sea salp, the green sea turtle, and the sea cow. Can you think of other symbiotic relationships in nature?

Help a brave little turtle get his shell back in this exciting adventure. Ozzy the turtle has been selected to track down stolen talismans and capture the thieves. Help Ozzy battle devilfish, sea hedgehogs, and a host of other strange undersea creatures along the way. With more than forty levels of fun, there's enough adventure here for everyone. Dive in and start your Turtle Odyssey today!

Turtle Odyssey explores the unique lifecycle of an Australian green sea turtle named Bunji and her incredible journey across the open ocean. The film follows Bunji the green sea turtle from a hatchling into adulthood as she swims thousands of miles, meets incredible creatures and has some really wild encounters.

  • Get involved in a totally new adventure epic of Good versus Evil that will take players on a treasure-hunting journey into a mysterious underwater world.The game comes to life as Ozzy, a brave turtle, has been chosen to find thieves and bring back stolen talismans.Overcome evil forces and become the savior of the underwater kingdom! Game FeaturesIntense, Heart Pounding Action

  • Thought Provoking Puzzles

  • Over 120 Levels

  • Highly Original Game Play

  • Free download Turtle Odyssey 2 10.5 MbGet the full version of Turtle Odyssey 2 $6.99Game Screenshots System Requirements:OS: Windows 98/2000/XP/MeMemory: 64 MBDirectX: 8CPU: 450 MhzPlayer Reviews for Turtle Odyssey 2 Show All Reviews [1] Average Rating: 5 out of 5 The best in the worldby Syahida (Dungun, Malaysia)For me, this game is the best game in the world.Write Your Own Review! Top Game Genres Action

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  • All

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