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Where to Find and Farm Apkallu Eggs and Down in Final Fantasy 14

The term apkallu has multiple uses, but usually refers to some form of wisdom; translations of the term generally equate to English language uses of the terms "the wise", "sage" or "expert".[2]

Lenzi notes that the list is clearly intended to be taken in chronological order. It is an attempt to connect real (historic) kings directly to mythologic (divine) kingship and also does the same connecting those real king's sages (ummanu) with the demi-godly mythic seven sages (apkallu).[20]

final fantasy 14 apkallu

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The seven sages are also mentioned in the Epic of Erra (aka 'Song of Erra', or 'Erra and Ishum'); here again they are referenced as paradu-Fish.[12][25] In this text is described how after the Flood, Marduk banished them back to Abzu.[26] Once the apkallu are banished, Marduk's phrasing becomes rhetorical (left):

Finally Erra persuades Marduk to leave his temple and fetch back the apkallu from their banishment, reassuring that he will keep order whilst Marduk is away. However, chaos breaks out; though some of the text is missing it seems that the subsequent outcome was that instead, earthly ummanus are given the task of cleansing Marduk's shrine.[27] Kvanvig infers from this text that the mythological role of the apkallu was to aid the god (Marduk) in keeping creation stable by maintenance of Marduk's idol.[28]

In terms of his relevance to the Apkallu: his lists match fairly well with the Uruk King/Apkallu list, though there are differences and variations.[42] Oannes is paired with the king Alorus, and by comparison can be considered equivalent to Adapa [Uanna].[43] Matches between Berossus and the kings and apkallu in the Uruk King List have been proposed.[44]

Representations of 'apkallu' were used in apotropaic rituals; in addition to fish-headed ones (similar to descriptions of the seven sages), other human-animal hybrids were used as 'apkallu' in this context (generally bird-headed humans).[46]

The spread of the 'seven sage' legend westwards during the 1st and 2nd millennia has been speculated to have led to the creation of the tale of the Nephilim (Genesis 6:1-4) as recounted in the Old Testament,[48][49] and may have an echo in the text of the Book of Proverbs (Prov 9:1):'"Wisdom built her house. She set out its seven pillars." The story of Enoch ("seventh from Adam") and his ascension to heaven has also been proposed to be a variant or influenced by the seventh apkallu Utuabzu who is also said to have ascended to heaven in the bit meseri.[48]

okay so i heard apkallu can only be obtained wen u visit academia 400AF the first time you go there. were can i find the time reversal thing so i can reverse time on academia 400AF? and after that where do i look to fight him, i need him to complete the bestriary and get that fragment :roll:

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The NieR-themed minion, Pod 316, is a rare drop from the final boss, 9S-operated Walking Fortress, in level 80 raid The Copied Factory. You can begin the YoRHa questline by starting the quest "Word about Komra" in Kholusia, given by the Gossipy Dwarf NPC. 2b4c41e320


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