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Nokia Imaging SDK Along With SensorCore SDK Now Up For Grabs !!TOP!!

In October 2015, Microsoft launched the first Lumia devices running on Windows 10 Mobile: the Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL and Lumia 550.[5][6][7] In February 2016, the Lumia 650, which also runs Windows 10 Mobile, was launched.[87] Sales of Lumia devices declined between fiscal years 2015 and 2016, with phone revenue decreasing by $4.2 billion or 56%. When Microsoft announced the acquisition in September 2013, 7.3 million devices were sold in the quarter, but this shrunk to 1.2 million at the quarter ending June 2016.[88] Since the Lumia series make up 95% of total Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile sales, the operating system market share also shrunk along with it.[89] Throughout 2016 Microsoft slowed down production volumes of Lumia devices, and it was speculated that the series would be discontinued by the end of 2016.[90]

Nokia Imaging SDK Along With SensorCore SDK Now Up For Grabs


Nokia and Microsoft Mobile have released several updates unique to Lumia devices which feature a combination of firmware and software updates. The latter of these includes imaging improvements, new technology support, feature updates, and bug fixes. Because Lumia devices exclusively use Windows Phone, major operating system updates are often bundled with the firmware updates upon release.

Applications may graduate to become commercial offerings, or they will be archived along with the lessons learnt based on user feedback. Microsoft collects feedback through UserVoice and has since launched several new applications such as Cinemagraph Beta and Gestures.[30] Originally the site was operated by Nokia but Microsoft moved the development to a more feedback-orientated design in August 2014 to allow more users to add their feedback rather than just Nokia-developers.[31] Microsoft has discontinued the Nokia Camera Beta trial and re-released the Beta app as "Lumia Camera Classic" while implementing the new features in the Lumia Camera app,[32] and has added OneDrive integration to Lumia Cinemagraph (formerly Nokia Cinemagraph) after first trialing it in the Lumia Beta Apps site.[33] On 25 February 2015, Join Conference (previously Nokia Conference) was made public for all Windows Phones but republished under the Microsoft Garage, and reduced the number of markets it was available in.[34][35]

Lumia imaging apps (earlier the Nokia imaging apps)[36][37] are a series of imaging applications formerly by Nokia[38] and now by Microsoft Mobile, which are bundled with its Lumia line of Windows Phone smartphones. Lumia imaging applications were originally based on technology from the Nokia acquisition of Scalado.[39][40] Some software e.g. the Lumia Cinemagraph app enables the creation of subtle animated GIFs (or Cinemagraphs) from images.[41][42]

Originally Movies & TV was known as Xbox Video, which was rebranded from Zune alongside Xbox Music with the launch of Windows 8 in 2012. Despite being included in Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft stating that Windows Phone 8 could use Xbox Video in the operating system on their websites and press releases, the service itself didn't allow for the downloading and streaming of content until the launch of Windows Phone 8.1.[75]


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