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Italian Visual Phrase Book

This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book explains the study of drama as a part of visual culture offers the perfect context for an exploration of pre-modern aesthetic discourse. It focuses on the social meanings of patronage of the visual arts in a discussion of Paulina as patron of Hermione's image in The Winter's Tale. The book also focuses on the ends and aims of 'making' in the Elizabethan imagination. It explores what early modern dramatists and playgoers understood by 'destruction' with reference to Robert Greene's Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. The book argues that Greene engages with contemporary technological discourses in order to call attention to the brokenness of visual experience. It explores drama as a part of a changing post-Reformation culture in which reception is a key aspect of cultural production.

Italian Visual Phrase Book

This book focuses on the drama and poetry published since 1990. It also reflects upon related forms of creative work in this period, including film and the visual and performing arts. The book discusses some of the most topical issues which have emerged in Irish theatre since 1990. It traces the significance of the home in the poetry of Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin and Vona Groarke. The book also focuses on the reconfigurations of identity, and the complex intersections of nationality, gender and race in contemporary Ireland. It shows how Roddy Doyle's return to the repressed gives articulation to those left behind by globalisation. The book then examines the ways in which post-Agreement Northern fiction negotiates its bitter legacies. It also examines how the activity of creating art in a time of violence brings about an anxiety regarding the artist's role, and how it calls into question the ability to re-present atrocity. The book further explores the consideration of politics and ethics in Irish drama since 1990. It talks about the swirling abundance of themes and trends in contemporary Irish fiction and autobiography. The book shows that writing in the Irish Republic and in the North has begun to accommodate an increasing diversity of voices which address themselves not only to issues preoccupying their local audiences, but also to wider geopolitical concerns.

Small ceramic plate with a Jewish moocher or beggar dressed in patched clothes being chased by a bulldog above the phrase "Life is just one damn thing after another." This plate is one of more than 900 items in the Katz Ehrenthal Collection of antisemitic artifacts and visual materials.

Vellum scroll with an eyewitness account and remembrance of those lost in a 1918 massacre in Novhorod-Siversʹkyi, Russia, (now Ukraine.) Written soon after the pogrom, it curses the perpetrators, recounts the events, and records a prayer for the dead and the names of the men, women, and children who were murdered. It is the only known eyewitness account of this event. On April 6, 1918, as Red Army troops retreated from the German Army, they attacked the Jews of Novhorod-Siversʹkyi, and 88 were killed. Hostility toward Jews was widespread in the Russian Empire, and the military was notoriously antisemitic. Anti-Jewish pogroms, outbreaks of mass violence, erupted frequently in the early 20th century, causing immense suffering. These scrolls were a traditional way to express community remembrance and to honor victims of pogroms. The practice of recording the names of the dead was done following the Holocaust in memorial books known as Yizkor books, created through the collective efforts of survivors to remember and preserve what was lost. The document is one of more than 900 items in the Katz Ehrenthal Collection of antisemitic artifacts and visual materials.

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