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The Ultimate Guide to Text to Speech Download AI: Choose from 1000+ Voices in 130 Languages

Thankfully, there are still several text to speech tools that allow you to generate speech online without paying a penny. This article looks at some of the best text to speech apps you can use for free.

Now that you know some possible use cases for text to speech, you need to know where to get some free apps. The following options all allow you to convert text into speech, even in languages other than English.

text to speech download ai

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The NaturalReader app is a powerful text to speech software that offers access to various voices. It also offers optical character recognition (OCR) technology. OCR allows you to scan physical books as well as text files, meaning you can use it to read any text aloud.

Supporting over 40 languages, Read Aloud is one of the more versatile text to speech readers. It can read several file formats, including PDF, ePub, Amazon Kindle, and Google Docs. Plus, it quickly reads text from websites.

Speechify comes in premium and basic varieties, the latter giving you free text to speech software with which to experiment. Furthermore, the website hosts a free online TTS function, and you can download the premium version of the app to use for free for three days.

Cliff Weitzman is a dyslexia advocate and the CEO and founder of Speechify, the #1 text-to-speech app in the world, totaling over 100,000 5-star reviews and ranking first place in the App Store for the News & Magazines category. In 2017, Weitzman was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list for his work making the internet more accessible to people with learning disabilities. Cliff Weitzman has been featured in EdSurge, Inc., PC Mag, Entrepreneur, Mashable, among other leading outlets.

Easily convert your US English text into professional speech for free. Perfect for e-learning, presentations, YouTube videos and increasing the accessibility of your website. Our voices pronounce your texts in their own language using a specific accent. Plus, these texts can be downloaded as MP3. In some languages, multiple speakers are available.

As you can see above, the English language can be challenging, however, it's far from the most difficult language to learn. With a bit of study, and some practice, almost anyone can learn English. One of the best ways to learn the language is to find a friend who speaks English, and is willing to have conversations with you. This will help you immerse yourself in the language and pick up on the nuances, and speech patterns of English. With a bit of practice, you'll soon be speaking English like it's your native language.

Dyslexia and other reading-based learning disabilities are most common among students. NaturalReader text-to-speech makes learning more accessible by assisting with any reading, taking tests and promoting independence.

Students can have any text they need to read, read aloud to them so they can read along. Having the text provided both visually and auditory, allows the student to focus less on the act of reading, and more on the comprehension of the content. Other features like dyslexia font, flexible reading speeds, and highlighted text also ease the task of finishing readings.

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Users can use text-to-speech technology to create voiceover by typing a written script and having an AI voice read aloud the script, just as a human would. Once the script is finished, and a speaker voice and reading speed are selected you are ready to download your script into an MP3 Audio file which can be used universally in videos and other formats. However, not all text-to-speech applications allow for the redistribution of generated audio files. If users plan to redistribute their audio files, they must ensure the text-to-speech application used is built for commercial, business or public use. Examples of Commercial Use:

Leveraging advanced AI algorithms and deep learning, the realistic online voice generator tool allows you to convert text into natural-sounding speech, in a matter of just a few minutes. Serving as a voice maker, it helps you create life-like synthetic voices that mimic the tonalities and prosodies of human speech and sound. Unlike other computer generated voice, Murf's AI voices don't sound monotonous and robotic. Rather the Murf AI's tts voices are super realistic and flawless.

Murf TTS software offers an extensive range of 130+ AI voices across different accents and tonalities for you to choose from to create AI-generated speech for your videos and presentations, brand commercial, e learning, YouTube videos, audiobooks, podcasts, IVR calls, and more.

Murf also simplifies the process of editing recorded voiceovers. Simply feed your recorded speech onto the Murf Studio and it automatically transcribes the content into an editable text format that you can edit and modify.

With Murf, you can also create an AI voice clone that delivers life-like diction and the full spectrum of human emotion and conveys all the nuances of human speech. In fact, using the voice cloning service, you can customize your AI voice clone to exhibit different emotions depending on the use case, be it advertisements, IVR, or character voices in games and animation. Murf currently only offers voice cloning services in the English language.

In addition, Murf enables one to include background music to your video or image and sync them with a precisely timed voice over. Murf has a library of royalty music that you can choose from or import audio files of your own. Furthermore, the text to speech platform lets you adjust the ratio of voice to music.

What makes Murf stand out among other text to speech tools is the fact that as an online voice generator, it lets you create quality outputs in a jiffy. From enterprises to small-medium businesses to individual content creators, everybody can generate realistic-sounding voice overs across different ages, languages, and accents using Murf.

Its easy-to-use interface, sleek design, and high-end features make it a must-have tool for someone that wants to create great voiceovers in just minutes. Looking for a high-quality, cost-effective solution for creating voiceover narrations? Murf natural sounding text to speech is your answer.

In the workplace, efficiency is crucial for success. The quicker you can produce results, the more you can focus on improving the more strategic aspects of your work. However, physically transcribing audio recordings, personal notes, verbal brainstorming ideas, and other documents is a tedious and time-consuming task that severely impacts the level of brainpower you can apply to other activities. Fortunately, there exists technology by the name of speech-to-text software. It allows you to type without your hands and use your voice to create documents. This article discusses the best speech to text software available today in various categories of machine learning solutions.

We included Converse Smartly in this list of the best free speech-to-text software because of its powerful and robust technology. It can quickly and accurately convert any audio stream to text, including dialogue or discourse from team meetings, conferences, interviews, and seminars. It enables organizations and individuals to work faster and smarter with greater accuracy.

Created by Folio3, the primary aim behind Converse Smartly is to increase the workflow efficiency of any organization. The app uses advanced speech recognition technology based on the IBM Watson Speech API and the Natural Language Processing ToolKit. It is one of the best text-to-speech software with natural voices. Top features include:

Furthermore, the app offers features such as visual feedback to specify that it is processing speech input. Microsoft dictates also supports dictation with real-time translation in 60 different languages. Microsoft Dictate is compatible with Office versions 2013 and above and works well with Windows versions 8.1 and above.

Google Docs has now become an integral part of the lives of most content writers. Especially if you are already a google services user. So if you use Google products such as Gmail and Google Drive and need an in-built, powerful, yet free dictation tool, consider using Google Docs or Google Slides and use their Google Voice Typing tool. It enables you to type with your voice, and use over 100 view commands meant explicitly for editing and formatting your documents in any way you like, including making bullet points, changing the style of the text, and moving the cursor to different parts of the material.

Otter can be used for taking notes and as a collaboration app that records and transcribes any audio source as long as the speech is coherent. Common data sources include meetings, interview and other voice interactions with data processing in real-time. Created by AISense, Otter uses Ambient Voice Intelligence for some of the smartest and most accurate speech recognition tools out there. Transcriptions are available within minutes so you can share them with your team almost immediately.

Based on the Google speech-recognition engine, Speechnotes is a straight forward online tool for dictations and speech transcription. Since downloads, registrations or installations are unnecessary to use Speechnotes, so it is by far one of the more accessible dictation tools available on the internet.

Medical transcription software is a specialized type of software used in the healthcare industry to convert spoken or dictated medical reports into written text. Medical transcriptionists, who are trained professionals, use this software to transcribe recordings made by healthcare providers, such as physicians or other healthcare practitioners, into written documentation, such as medical reports, discharge summaries, and patient notes.

Medical transcription software typically includes features such as voice recognition technology, text editing tools, and medical terminology dictionaries to assist transcriptionists in accurately transcribing medical documents. The software may also have built-in templates for common medical documents, allowing for standardization and efficiency in the transcription process.


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