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The patch fixes various multiplayer bugs that would make the player invisible, remove fire arrow damage and cause players to be "de-synced if killed in mid-air." It also adds information about maps and makes more room for map names in the player map lobby. The single player component gets fixes for the leaderboard, a mission's objective display and a bug that made discarded weapons stay on screen

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Insane characters interacting with a protagonist who may need to go a little insane himself to save his friends on an island full of drug growers, pirates, and slave traders, is one thing. An open world game that could take upwards of 30 hours to play, shipping with an additional four player co-op mode and competitive multiplayer, also coming with a map editor for limitless additional content, is another.

Today is the last day that online multiplayer will be available in any of the fifteen titles, but also the final day that you'll be able to play any DLC you own - multiplayer or not. One example pointed out by a Reddit user is that those who bought the expansions for Assassin's Creed 3's 2012 release will no longer be able to access the DLC without buying the remaster of the game, and those with Splinter Cell Blacklist cosmetics will not be able to use them.

Space Junkies is the newest of all the games, having only just come out in 2019. The stick with this particular title is that it's a multiplayer game, meaning that after tomorrow, the game will essentially be unplayable.

Described as 'part map editor and part game design tool' by Ubisoft's Chris Watters, Far Cry Arcade has been confirmed as a feature of the base Far Cry 5 game - meaning there's no need to pick up the game's optional Season Pass, a pre-purchase of downloadable content for the game, to make use of it. As well as allowing players to create their own maps, Far Cry Arcade will allow gamers to download maps created by others - both fellow players and Ubisoft developers - for free to explore, explode, and complete a range of weekly challenges, as well as carry out competitive multiplayer matches.

Want to know how to play Far Cry 6 in co-op multiplayer? Ubisoft's bombastic open-world FPS franchise is always best played with company. Double the players, double the devastation, after all. And Far Cry 6 has taken after its predecessors in offering players a couple of different ways to play the game in co-op. Whether you're looking for self-contained co-op missions or you want to play through the entire story with a friend, read on to find out how to set up Far Cry 6 for multiplayer.

To play through Far Cry 6 in co-op multiplayer, you will first need to complete the story mission Du or Die. This mission appears very early on in the story, and acts as an introduction to Supremos in Far Cry 6. Once you complete the quest by building your first Supremo, you'll unlock the ability to play through the rest of the game in co-op mode.

The other way to play co-op multiplayer in Far Cry 6 is by embarking on Special Operations with a partner (again, this can be someone from your friends list or a complete stranger). Special Operations are self-contained missions which take place on their own maps, and involve you finding and extracting an important asset - the PG-240X weapon - while fighting off enemy attacks.

Far Cry 3 does not just offer a solo mode and actually manages to give both its multiplayer options an equal amount of attention, creating an evenly balanced triad of entertainment. Both a full-fledged competitive multiplayer and self-contained cooperative campaign are available, and both are involved enough to justify their existence. Rather than churn up some tacked-on obligations that exist merely to bow to modern convention, Ubisoft has really pushed the boat out and committed itself to making each item on the menu worth experiencing in its own right.

You sure can't accuse the game of lacking for content, though. In addition to the massive open-world story mode that you could spend dozens of hours in, there's a healthy suite of multiplayer modes too. The developers set out to include a full cooperative campaign that's more than a little similar to Left 4 Dead, right down to the four stereotypical characters (such as an Eastern European mobster and a Trainspotting-esque Scottish hoodlum) you can play as. There's a neat story justification for all this, with a lengthy CG cutscene setting the whole campaign up, and the things that happen in the co-op campaign tie into the world the game creates in a reasonably clever way.

The scenarios in the co-op campaign are linear, standard first-person shooter affairs that don't offer the sort of open, varied gameplay that the main campaign is so good at. You're basically moving from one area to the next, fighting off a bunch of enemies, and occasionally completing some objective. There's some amusing variety here and there, though, like a sequence where all four players are positioned up on a ledge and can only use an unlimited supply of grenades to take out a horde of enemies rushing in (and a player ranking afterward awards bonus experience based on how well you did). There's quite an elaborate loadout and class system here that lets you unlock not only new weapons and attachments but basic passive bonuses and even some team area-of-effect buffs like you'd see in an MMO. That leveling system also carries over to a perfunctory competitive multiplayer mode replete with its own leveling system, unlocks, and ability to prestige. It's fine that this mode is in here if you're really looking to wring as much time out of this game as you can, and there's even a pretty easy-to-use map editor in here if you want to make a map where you dig a big hole in the ground and fill it with sharks. But none of this stuff is required for me to recommend Far Cry 3. The game more than justifies its existence with the single-player mode alone.

For two weeks this summer, Ubisoft will invite select PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers to a virtual tropical island to choose one of six character classes to shoot each other with in the Far Cry 3 multiplayer beta test. How to be involved? Let me count the ways.

The protagonist of the game is played by a young American named Jason Brody who is on a mission to save his imprisoned friends while escaping the islands. There are two game modes including single-player and multiplayer. It is up to you which mode you want to play.

The game also has competitive multiplayer modes including domination and team deathmatch. It comes with a map editor that allows you to create and share custom content. In other words, you can create your map by customizing landscapes.

While the publishers who use the tech will be glad that Denuvo is dissuading pirates from trying to crack their games, the system has also proved to be incredibly controversial. So some gamers may be unhappy to learn that the upcoming PC releases Rise of the Tomb Raider and Far Cry Primal are set to feature Denuvo too.

Gratuito per i possessori del Season Pass di Far Cry 5, da acquistare a parte per tutti gli altri, Far Cry 3 Classic Edition è insomma un titolo ancora oggi validissimo, che si gioca che è un piacere e propone fasi in cui la libertà d'azione viene esaltata dalle tante opzioni strategiche disponibili, mentre affrontiamo avversari che si muovono secondo routine comportamentali di discreto spessore e consistenza. A mancare è proprio il lato remaster, nel senso che questa edizione non sembra sia stata realizzata con l'impegno e l'entusiasmo che sarebbe stato lecito attendersi per il ritorno di un episodio così importante e celebrato. C'è un problema di ottimizzazione legato al sistema di mira, sebbene la cosa non influisca in maniera drammatica sulla qualità del gameplay, ma soprattutto si è scelto di inserire nel pacchetto la sola campagna in single player, tagliando via il multiplayer cooperativo che tanta soddisfazione ci aveva dato ai tempi della release originale, forte di situazioni divertenti che era possibile condividere con gli amici, conservando peraltro i progressi ottenuti in tale ambito.


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