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Download Best Emule Client

Source finding in the network is of uttermost importance. In fact, servers, Kademlia and eMule itself are geared towards a most efficient source acquiring. For best eMule performance some concepts are necessary to understand. The source list of each download is shown by double clicking on it. For the advanced source information and handling the setting Extended Settings -> Show more controls has to be activated.

download Best Emule Client

Even more so than with BitTorrent, eMule requires that you have open UDP and TCP ports to work at its best. If the open ports are not accessible from the internet, this results in what is termed low ID. You can still share files with low ID, but downloads will be much slower than if you have high ID.

Your VPN needs to be fast to ensure the best possible download speeds on eMule. For eMule specifically, it needs to allow port forwarding because, without this, it limits your download speed by roughly 90%. In the best-case scenario, it should also allow torrenting on all of its servers.

For those who don't know eMule, it's a filesharing client similar and compatible with eDonkey, which allows you to download large files very easily. Don't be afraid for your configuration or files while you are downloading. When you install eMule Plus you will lose absolutely nothing, not even downloading statistics.

eMule is an advanced form of eDonkey Client. Download eMule and use better featured File sharing. You can easily share files over internet with your friends and pears.Download Free eMule as it is considered best reliable P2P (Pear to Pear) file sharing client. The new version of eMule are updated after 3 Months approx. Intelligent queueing system of eMule balance the file sharing pieces among the pears so that every one gets it share.

The best part about eMule is that its download is fully free and there is no adware. Another aspect it to check file corruption during transfers. The objective is error free file sharing. eMule also has an integrated chat application so that you can chat and send IM to other pears during file sharing. Download eMule if you want to preview your files and videos before their transfer is actually completed.

Click on below button to download eMule Setup for PC. This is official direct link setup for eMule File sharing client. This will work on both 32 Bit and 64 Bit windows PC. You can install it on XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8.

eMule may not be the best program of its type out there, but there are still many plus points to it. When it comes to sharing and downloading smaller filetypes, such as pictures or video clips, eMule is easily the best out there. The ease of use, the intuitive search function and the organisation features make finding, downloading and sorting through a large number of small files as easy and painless as you could want it to be.

eMule 0.49b ZZUL 20080801-2355Seite: 1 2 3 Click to rate... This patch contains several enhancements for the upload in eMule, enhancements that will be very interesting for releasers: ZZ DownloadManager: Handles A4AF collissions better than official eMule! - New! If you download a series of files that you want to get in order, do like this:1. Create a category for the series. 2. Put the files you want ordered in that category. 3. Make the sure the files are named so that they are alphabetically sorted so that the file you want first is first, the second file is second, etc. Often the file are already named in alphabetically correct order. In that case you can skip this step. 4. Right click on the category and enable "Download in alphabetical order". Done! eMule will now try to put all sources on the first file, until it is completed. The second file will get any sources that the first file doesn't want, etc.This feature is tagged with "ZZ:DownloadManager" in the source.Thanks to Skynetman for helping testing this feature.ZZ SlotFocus: Focus the upload bandwidth to as few upload slots as possible!(only one, if the top slot wants it all). Transfers files to fewer people at a time, but faster to each. Faster transfers makes chunks complete sooner, making it possible for other clients to share the chunks sooner. This gives more sources in shorter time, sharing the upload demands on several computers sooner. At 76 Kbytes/s ZZUL opens ca 6-10 slots, when official eMule opens 24 slots. ZZUL only opens new slots if necessary to use the configured bandwidth. Upload slot focusing version 2 is available in this patch. Version 1 is used in eMule Plus (and others?). You can see which upload that has the highest priority by checking the number in the "Slot #" column. Slot #1 get all bandwidth it can handle. Slot #2 gets any leftovers after slot #1 has taken what it wants, etc.When you download a file, it is good for you to give all chunks you allready have of that file to other clients as soon as possible. As soon as you have spread your chunks, the other clients will actually help you to download the chunks you are missing. Then you can get those chunks from them (and fast, since you now have good credits with them). It will also be easier for you to get the chunks from the original source, now that is no longer busy uploading chunks that you already have, to other clients. So set your upload speed as high as possible!ZZ UploadSpeedSense: Automatically finds the best upload speed for your connection!ZZUL now works right out of the box, without need for configuration of upload speed. Just set the upload speed limit to 0 (unlimited) in prefs and then relax. If you use other programs that wants bandwidth, ZZ UploadSpeedSense will automatically lower the upload limit for eMule while the other transfer is going on. When the transfer is done, ZZ UploadSpeedSense raises the upload limit back to normal speed. ZZ UploadSpeedSense will not work properly for multihomed hosts. ZZ PowerShare: Powershare files without having to unshare any files!You can set files to be powershared by right clicking them in the shared files list and selecting "Powershare" -> "Set powersharing". Files that have powershare activated will be uploaded a 100% of the time, if there are people trying to download them. It doesn't matter how many other files you share or download. This makes it possible for you to release files efficiently, and still download files normally. If the files with release priority doesn't use all the bandwidth, normal shared files are uploaded. This means that you won't have to unshare everything that you are not releasing. This gives more sources for files on the network, and make sure the allotted upload bandwidth are always used a 100% efficiently to release your files.ZZ FriendSlots: Enhanced co-release/friends functionality!All available upload bandwidth is focused on friend slots, if the friends want to download. You will be able to give friend slots to several friends simultaneously. This means you can share your files with your friends and co-releasers efficiently in eMule, instead of using an ftp-server, ICQ, irc-dcc or similar. Your co-releasers will start sharing the file as soon as they complete the first chunk, instead of having to wait for the entire file to be transfered. If you have several co-releasers to spread the file to, eMule will automatically make sure that the coreleasers will be rotated in the upload slots, giving one chunk to each co-releaser, to make sure the file is available with maximum bandwidth as soon as possible. If your co-releasers also give each other friend slots, the file will spread even faster! While you are uploading to your co-releasers, other clients will be able to find you as a source, and as soon as the friends are done downloading, the bandwidth will automatically be used by any other clients that want your files. ZZUL remembers which of your friends that have been given friend slots between restarts.Upload traffic will be spread out as evenly as possible to make the ping lower!This includes all outbound overhead traffic, such as source sharing etc. (This feature is based on an idea by Slugfiller, but ZZUL uses it's own way of doing it.)Overhead traffic is now limited by the upload limit!This prevents overhead from making eMule using more upload bandwidth than has been entered in preferences.ZZ TransferRatioBalance: More flexible limiting of download speed!If you have uploaded at least a third of what you have downloaded, since you started the program, you will have unlimited download speed. This is true also for modem users and other low bandwidth users. However, if you have uploaded less than that, compared to your downloads, downloads will slow down a little, to reach balance of 1:3. Please note that uploads to friend slots are not included in the upload sum, so you shouldn't exclusively upload to friends all the time if you are also downloading at the same time.ZZ SmartQueueLimit: Better handling of full Queue!There will be a soft limit for the queue, that is about 30% lower than the real (hard) limit for the queue. Once the queue size reaches the soft limit eMule will starting being a lot more picky about which clients it will allow to get on queue. It will only allow high priority clients that have high credits, or that wants release prio files. This makes sure clients can always queue up for your release files, even when the queue would normally be full.ZZ TypeToFind: Easier to find your files in the lists! -Included in official eMule since 0.30aSearch for a filename in download list and shared files list by simply writing the filename you want to find. eMule will select the filename for you. ZZ QRSort: Easier to see in which source you have the best queue position!Sort by status, and then double click on a file you are trying to download. The list of sources will be showed with the source with lowest QR first. ZZ ShowVersion: Easily accessible version information about the clients you are connected to!Shows eMule/eDonkey version in mosts lists, as well as what mod the clients are using. ZZ LowIDFairness: Be more fair to low ID clients!Low ID clients connecting to a ZZUL client will be more fairly treated compared to how they are treated by the official client. If you are a low ID client, and it is your time to download from a remote client, you will not be able to download until your client connect to that remote eMule client the next time.If the remote client is an official eMule client, it may be that you are not allowed to start download event when you next reconnect, even if your time to download has come.If however, the remote client is a ZZUL eMule, you will alway be allowed connect. If you have waited longer (since it was decided that you should get to download the next time you reconnect) than the last of the fully connected clients, then you will downgrade that client to a trickle slot, and take its fully activated slot. If you have not waited that long, you will get a trickle slot, and will be kept connected for up to 3 minutes. If you are upgraded to a fully active client during that time, everything is ok, you have your slot.If you are not upgraded to a fully active client during that time, you may be put back on queue, but you will be put in first place. This means, that the next time you reconnect (about 20-30 minutes later) you will have a greater chance of downgrading one of the already connected clients, and get a fully activated slot.This behaviour gives equal opportunity for high and low ID clients. (Please note, that you will not be able to downgrade a client that wants a powershared file, unless you also want a powershared file). 350c69d7ab


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