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Buy Hip Flasks Uk

You can Buy hip flask from The Pocket Hip Flask Company UK, we have one the biggest selections of hip flask in the UK. We offer hundreds of fantastic flasks that you can personalise using our fantastic choice of funky and classic fonts. Buying a hip flask has never been easier.

buy hip flasks uk

Whether you are buying a hip flask for yourself or as a gift we have a massive collection for you to pick your way through.Our large range of hip flasks means that when it comes to buying that perfect hip flask gift you only really need to look in one place. We offer both stainless steel and pewter hips flasks. These can be plain, covered in leather, luxury leather or stamped with a design.

The Pocket Hip Flask Company prides itself on making the buying of hip flasks a fun and easy experience. We hope that when you buy your hip flask with us it will be cherished for many years to come. So if you are looking to Buy Hip Flask here in the UK then you have come to the right place.

Our unrivalled collection of luxury pewter hip flasks provides us with possibly the largest selection anywhere in the World! With a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns to choose from, you can be assured that we have every possible pastime, interest and style fully covered. With a range of sizes including 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, 7oz & 8oz, and in a range of styles from captive top to Celtic, from leather covered to designer, we are sure to have the hip-flask for you. All of our hip flasks are handcrafted from the highest quality lead-free pewter and manufactured right here at our factory in Sheffield, England. We also offer the option of personalising your flask with custom engraving to make your gift extra special and personal. Elegantly packaged in our luxury presentation box complete with funnel which makes pouring your favourite alcoholic tipple even easier.

Hip flasks were traditionally made of pewter, silver, or even glass, though most modern flasks are made from stainless steel.[citation needed] Some modern flasks are made of plastic so as to avoid detection by metal detectors.[citation needed]

Hip flasks can vary in shape, although they are usually contoured to match the curve of the wearer's hip or thigh for comfort and discretion in a design also known as a kidney flask.[1] Some flasks have a "captive top", which is a small arm that attaches the top to the flask in order to stop it from getting lost when it is taken off.

A hip flask is most commonly purchased empty and then filled by the owner. However, the term "flask" also applies to smallest bottle sizes of alcohol in commercial markets[citation needed]. Some flasks come with small cups to make sharing easier, although generally liquid is consumed directly from the flask.

Less compact versions had been in production for several centuries. Notably, in the Middle Ages, there are several accounts of gutted fruit being used to store liquor. During the 18th century, women boarding docked British warships would smuggle gin into the ship via makeshift flasks, created from pig's bladders and hidden inside their petticoats. Following the act of prohibition in 1920s America, the state of Indiana banned the sale of cocktail shakers and hip flasks.

Many locations in the United States have laws prohibiting to carrying alcohol in open containers in public, which includes hip flasks, whether carried on one's person or in the passenger cabin or compartment of a vehicle.[3][4][5] This does not apply in the UK, where carrying or drinking from a hip flask in public places is not illegal.[3]

Our group of testers put the flasks through their paces at weddings, on the trail, around the campfire, on cold winter bike rides and just about anywhere else you can imagine using a flask. We always shared with friends and made sure to keep our wits about us until we were able to make some astute observations. Once we had our learnings, though, all bets were off. Then we gathered our observations and gave each flask a superlative, which, we hope, will help you make the best choice possible.

Whether buying for yourself or looking for a gift, these hip flasks strike the perfect balance between useful and stylish, and will last for years to come. Read on to discover our top picks, and for more buyer's guides, visit our review section, from the best dishwashers to the best personalised water bottles.

Ease of cleaning: Hip flasks can quickly degrade if not cleaned properly, so we looked for styles that were easy to fill and had lids reliable enough that you could thoroughly shake them to dislodge any stubborn liquid.

Value for money: As proven by this list, the price of hip flasks can vary wildly, so we seriously thought about whether or not they were value for money as a practical item but also, in some cases, as a thoughtful gift.

Practicality: As hip flasks are meant for use on the go, we carefully considered each for its practically. Is it easy to open and close, easy to pour or swig from and comfortable to store?

Few retailers have such an impressive line-up of hip flasks as Farrar & Tanner, with a range that should suit most tastes and styles. Our tastes drew us to the classic curves of this 6oz flask by the English Pewter Company, housed in luxury dark leather and with a captive top to prevent you from losing it. Pewter is a material that was used for kitchenware back in the bronze age, and its relative softness is ideal for hip flasks, with those smooth curves gaining extra polish the more its used. For an extra touch of class, Farrar & Tanner also provide a pewter engraving and leather embossing service.

History & Heraldry Pre-Personalised Reusable Hip Flask - Steven. A new range of retro styled hip flasks that are a perfect gift for him. Features a hinged screw-top and leather-like sleeve embossed with names and fun sayings. Made from BPA Free Plastic. Size approximately: H 11.5 x W 9.5 x D 2 cm. Rinse before first use. Suitable for cold liquids only. Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use.

Discover our stunning drinkware collection including hip flasks, whisky glasses online at The Sgian Dubh Company. We stock a great collection of whiskey glasses, tasting glasses, elegant stainless steel, pewter and leather hip flasks, as well as lovely pewter tankards. Ideal for complimenting traditional Scottish attire and formal wear. These beautifully handcrafted vessels are available in a wide range of styles and designs.

Choose from quality leather, robust pewter or elegant stainless steel engraved hip flasks to fill with your favourite tipple. Available in a range of sizes including 3oz, 4oz, 6oz and 8oz, they make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

See our range of Tweed Hip Flasks for sale. Great quality and awesome design, tweed hip flasks available including 4, 6 & 8 oz Harris Tweed hip flasks, all delivered to your door UK. Buy tweed hip flasks UK.

For that personal touch we also offer a free hip flask engraving service for most of our hip flasks. Whatever your Personalised Hip Flask requirements are, you can be sure has the right Personalised Hip Flask for you. hip flask selection is very wide, our biggest emphasis is on our free engraving on every individual hip flask we sell, when putting the hip flasks on-line we try to put our most popular and best selling hip flasks near the top of the site but found all the hip flask designs are popular so rest assured the hip flask you choose whether a steel hip flask or a pewter hip flask or a leather hip flask is well made and beautiful.

The process works by the cutter passing over the surface of the metal dozens of times to create a deep and lasting impression in the engraved hip flasks for him. Custom-made jigs ensure precision accuracy every time, guaranteeing a beautiful personalised flask that will endure for many years to come.

Alongside the global brands, we are also pleased to offer our own range of personalised hip flasks. These have been sourced from leading manufacturers and are designed to deliver the utmost quality at the best possible price.

The advanced capabilities of the English Pewter Company gives the business control over the complete production process, enabling them to offer the finest quality hand crafted pewter personalised hip flasks. An engraved gift from the English Pewter Company is a special piece of Britain that will last for many years.

Royal Selangor has a long and proud history, offering perhaps some of the finest pewter personalised hip flasks in the world. Started in Malaysia in 1885, it originally made objects for ceremonial use, such as joss sticks and candle holders. With the advent of British colonials, though, the collection soon expanded to include engraved hip flasks, tankards and pewter plates.

A period of expansion came in the 1970s, exporting to parts of the British Empire such as Hong Kong and Australia. Come the 1980s, the company looked to the United States and Europe and today sells custom hip flasks to stores in more than 40 countries including Harrods.

The engraved hip flasks should not be used for beverages with acid content, such as fruit juices and cordials. Always rinse the inside with clean water before filling and emptying the flask. Also, do not keep alcohol in the flask for more than three days.

We regularly engrave bespoke artwork on personalised hip flasks for companies, families and sections of the Armed Forces. Prices typically start at 15 (when good quality artwork is provided) for a one-off setup charge to format and prepare the design for the engraved hip flask.

Hip flasks, also known simply as a flask, is a container specifically designed to hold a portion of hard liquor that is carried in a pocket. O.O. McIntyre, a Washington Herald columnist, wrote in 1920:

Some say it all started with the hunter-gatherers of the Kalahari, in Southern Africa, 60,000 years ago: they used ostrich eggshells as canteens. Earthenware containers evolved around 2000 BC and were eventually replaced with more modern materials such as glass and metal. From approximately 500AD to the Middle Ages, Pilgrim flasks were created by the thousands for Christian pilgrims to take home water or oil from a sacred place. 041b061a72


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